All necklaces and pendant chains made in Italy in 14k gold vermeil or sterling silver


Initial Pendant with Gemstone
Style #: P20G8
Rectangular Initial with Gemstone Pendants
Sideways Gemstone Pendants
Style #: PGS
Sideways Gemstone Pendants
Double Geode Collection
Style #: BBGE
Double Geode Bangles
Double Druzy Collection
Style #: BBGD, RGD-M2
Double Druzy Bangles and Rings
Double Gemstone Collection
Style #: BBG12, RG12
Double Gemstones Bangles and Rings
Shark Tooth Collection
Style #: BBST, PST
Double Bangle and Pendant
Precious Gemstone Bracelets
Style #: BG78
Multiple beads with gemstone bracelets
Precious Gemstone Necklaces
Style #: NLG78 / NSG78
Multiple beads with gemstone necklaces
Large Gemstone Pendants
Style #: PG35
Onyx, Carnelian, White Jade..
Geode Gemstone Collection
Style #: RGEO / PGEO / PGEO-S
Geode gemstone earrings and pendants
Agate Quartz Collection
Style #: EGOH / EG10 / NLGQ / PG10
Agate Quartz Earrings, Pendants/Necklaces
Genuine Gemstone Collection
Style #: EGT27, NLGQ, BG78
Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire
Organic Gemstone Collection
Style #: PG38, EG38
Green Chalcedony, Onyx, Rose Quartz..
Turquoise Gemstone Collection
Style #: PGT, RGT, CGT
Turquoise Pendants, Rings and Cuffs
White Druzy Collection
Style #: PGD, RGD, CGD
White Druzy Pendants, Rings and Cuffs
Large Agate Quartz Pendants
Style #: PGAQ
Large Agate Quartz Pendants
Agate Gemstone Rings
Style #: RGAQ, RGSA
Agate Gemstone Rings
Faceted Gemstone Collection
Style #: PGT1, EGT1
Labradorite, Amythist, Blue Chalcedony..
Slices Agate Gemstone Pendants
Style #: PGSA
Amethyst, Blue, Brown, Fuschia, Orange
Large Druzy Gemstone Collection
Style #: PGD, RGD
Large Druzy Pendants and Rings
Medium Druzy Collection
Style #: RGD-M, PGD-M
Medium Druzy Pendants and Rings
Jasper Gemstone Collection
Style #: PGJA, RGJA
Jasper Pendants and Rings
3 Circles with Gemstone Pendants
Style #: PG17
3 Circles with Gemstone Pendants
Medium Gemstone Pendants
Style #: PG21
Coral, Crystal, Agate.. Pendants
Precious Gemstone Collection
Style #: EGT27, PGT27, BG6
Teardrop Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets
Natural Gemstone Rings
Style #: RGNS
Adjustable, Citrine, Crystal, Gold
Gemstone Cuffs Collection
Style #: CGAQ, CGSA, CGD
Agate Quartz, Sliced Agate, Druzy Cuffs
Cigar Rings Collection
Style #: RG-CIG
Agate Quartz / Jasper Rings
Mini Gemstone Bracelets
Style #: BG20
Multiple Gemstone Bracelets
Mini Beads Gemstone Collection
Style #: PG8, BG8
Circle with 2 Beads Pendants and Bracelets
Oval Gemstone Earrings
Style #: EGO, EGOH
Oval Gemstone Earrings
Mini Bead Pendants
Style #: PG22
Onyx, Turquoise..
Multiple Gemstone Long Necklaces
Style #: NLG61
Gemstone Station Long Necklaces
Mini Gemstone Long Necklaces
Style #: NLG66
Mini Gemstone Station Long Necklaces
Faceted Gemstone Long Necklaces
Style #: NLGQ
Faceted Quartz Long Necklaces
Gemstone Drop Lariat Necklaces
Style #: PG20
Carnelian, Amethyst..



Knuckle Rings/Stackable Hammered Rings
Style #: RKN
Multiple Color Knuckle Rings
Initial Rings/ Knuckle Initial Rings
Style #: RIN
Initial Rings
Signature Initial Pendant
Style #: P20
A-Z Initial Pendants
Initial Collection
Style #: B20, BB20, P20, P20R, P20H
A-Z Initial Pendants, Bracelets / Bangles
Triangle Collection
Style #: ETR, NL68, PTR
Triangle Earrings Pendants / Long Necklaces
Made in Italy Collection
Italian Bracelets, Pendants / Earrings
Signature Long Necklaces Collection
Style #: NL68, NL69, NL89
Multiple Circles, Triangle and Crosses
Circle Pendants Collection
Style #: P25, P252
Circle, Rectangular and Rose
Signature Earrings Collection
Style #: ET30, E25, EIR, ETR, E15-DO
Teardrop, Hoop and Irregular
Sideway Collection
Style #: PCR, PTR, PRT, PCL, P23, PC2
Sideways Pendants
Mini Charm Pendants
Style #: P16
Mini Charms
Words Pendants
Style #: P20W
Aloha, Believe, Mom, BFF, Love, Dream
Real Leaves Pendants
Style #: PL
Elm, Oak, Aspen, Birch..
Signature Rings Collection
Style #: RC3, RSR1, R288
Stackable, Flower..
Bracelet Collection
Style #: B252, B32, BCR, B20
Multiple Circle, Initials..
Cuffs Collection
Style #: C11, C13, C3C, C4C, CH, CMC
Mutiple Circle, Heart..
Charlene K Italian Pendant Collection    
Short Necklaces Collection
Style #: NS28, NS32, NS42, NS82, NS88
Multiple Circle, Irregular
Italian Crystal Charm Collection
Style #: IPRO, IBRO
Small Charms with Crystals - Chains imported from Italy