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CALIFORNIA MARKET CENTER (CMC) is the hub of the Los Angeles fashion industry. In order to providing easy access to thousands of showrooms in two buildings, CMC has some special features to help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

CMC’s Market Book is the first thing to look at for a new guest. It lists all the company’s information but only a few are on its select showroom page. You will find that Charlene K Jewelry Collection is among these few.

In the main entrance lobby, there are a few showcases. One of them has Charlene K’s Jewelry collection. They are not only showcases, but also are very practical.  They are just like good salesmen! Quietly and consistently, they perform their duty faithfully.

In all, CMC is more than a venue for year-round showrooms and weekly special events. It is also seasoned producers of some of the industry’s most important Markets and tradeshows, showcasing the best brands & companies from around the world. (check the CMC’s busy Calendar )

we are very happy to be a part of CMC!

Charlene K Jewelry showroom
california | market center
110 East Ninth Street Suite A1093 & B531
Los Angeles, CA 90079

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