Kobe Collection/Japan Model Melody Yoko fly to Los Angeles to film/interview Charlene K

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Kobe Collection recently paid a visit to the Charlene K Showroom. Kobe is the biggest fashion event that has been held in Kobe, Japan and other cities during spring/autumn each year. Charlene K was selected  to be featured in a filming/interview of the brand by Japan's top model/TV Host Melody Yoko. This program will broadcast on 8 different TV shopping Channels soon.

Charlene K was extremely thrilled and excited to be selected for the taping of Kobe Collection. We would like to thank everyone that was involved into making this project a memorable experience! Especially for:

All of Kobe Collection Team from Japan, including Top Model/TV Host Melody Yoko, Director/Coordinator, Camera Men, Translator, Giselle Claudino (Hollywood fashion reporter) Bernardo Passarinko (Camera Man), Marcos Daniel Ferreira (Photographer), Nadia Lanfranconi (Charlene K Model), Alessandra Kosmala (Charlene K Model), Lynn Rodgers (make-up artist), Isaiah Garza (Charlene K PR) and many more!



Below is a fun video created backstage during the shoot!


Here are some of the photos:





































































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